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Are You Committing One of These Blogging ā€œCrimes?ā€

As I visit business blogs during the course of my day I can’t help but notice a lot of bad blogging practices.

While these bad blogging practices are not technically “crimes” in the strictest sense of the word, the way that these blog problems detract from a business blog’s effectiveness should almost be considered a crime.

Are you committing any blogging “crimes” with your business blog? Check the following list and find out:

  1. White or light words on a black or dark background. A dark background with light words nearly always makes a blog difficult to read. Not only that - it hurts my eyes.
  2. Comment restrictions. It still amazes me how many blogs leave their comments turned off, or require readers to sign in before they can leave a comment. I NEVER leave a comment at such blogs.
  3. Automatic comment subscription. While it’s great to give your readers the option to subscribe to comments, make sure that the subscription is a choice and not the default. Don’t unintentionally spam your readers.
  4. Busy blog design. Is there too much happening on your blog pages? A really busy design can detract from the message your company is trying to convey. Take a look at your blog objectively (or have a friend do it). Is there too much there?
  5. Pop-ups. I’ve never met anyone who likes to find pop-up advertisements on websites. If you are using these, then it’s probable that you are already losing readers.
  6. Blog too personal. While it’s great to inject personality into your business blog, you should avoid making your business blog too personal. Casual readers who surf in may not want to read about your aunt’s hip replacement.
  7. Automatic audio. Some blogs are set to automatically play an audio file when a visitor arrives at the blog’s URL. Automatic audio can be a real turn off for your reader who may be reading your blog in a work environment.
  8. Blog too impersonal. Many business blogs make the mistake of “dumping” the corporate literature, press releases, and other corporate communications onto their blog. Ask yourself: what’s the story behind this communication?
  9. Gross stuff. I shouldn’t even have to include this on the list of blogging crimes - except that I’ve run across business blogs that feature photos that are just too gory or too gross for my tastes. I realize the blogger is probably trying to catch the reader’s attention, but if an image is too gross readers will leave.
  10. Spelling and other writing errors. Remember that your business blog represents your business. If there are too many errors and typos in your blog readers may assume that your company is careless or does shoddy work.

What about you?

If you constructed your own list of business blogging crimes what would you include?

About the Author
Issa Asad is a telecom entrepreneur and author. His latest book Instant Profits with Alibaba gives insights into how to capitalize on the recent boom of Alibaba. Alibaba is one of the highest valued companies in the world and serves the enormous market of China. To find out more check out his book on Amazon.

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