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What Business Blog Platform Do You Use?

Choosing a business blogging platform may seem complicated for the beginning business blogger.

However, with a little research it is possible to select the blogging platform that is best for your business’s needs.

Here is some information to get your research started.

WordPress and Blogger are free. There is a commercial license fee associated with using Movable Type which is based on the number of users that your blog will have. There is also an open source version of Movable Type. The fees for Typepad licenses also vary depending on your use of the platform.

A WordPress blog can be hosted at or on your own domain. Blogger blogs are typically hosted at, although Blogger now also offers you the option to operate the Blogger platform on your own domain.

There are many other blogging platform options available. Some of the better known options include:

If you already have a business blog, what platform do you use, and why?

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